Cost-effective market entry

Be our partner and secure for yourself a cost-efficient entry in the market of consumer credits with the Kafins software without the need of large investment.
As credit institution, you are not yet represented in the consumer credit market and do not offer retail financing? For an efficient entry in the market you must invest immensely in sales and develop competitive IT solutions.
We have already done that for you.


Benefit from being a partner

As a partner, you benefit from so many privileges. Our software products are intuitive to use and do not require intensive training. We offer optional back-office software to credit institutions that includes all aspects of processing inquiries about consumer loans from retailers. If you hold a volume license, you can manage all retailers in the market with this software

You decide

You decide the retailers with whom you want or do not want to work. As credit institution, you have full control from which retailers you want to receive loan inquiries. You decide the budget you want to earmark for consumer loans and for what period. You are spared any cost-intensive acquisition of retailers.

Hight flexibility

We also offer you the implementation only of the interface for your automated financing decisions and contract handlings. If a technical fault occurs, the Kafins software also supports manual processing of financing inquiries and you can return your decision.
All our software solutions are platform-independent web applications.


Would you prefer an individual IT solution or more comprehensive functionalities? In that case, please contact us. Cut your IT and sales cost with Kafins and focus on the core business of consumer loans.


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